Land Development Services

Welcome to the Land Development Page. The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department oversees the administration of land development services within the public right of way, as well as grading within private property. The department will review entitlement cases referred by the Community Development Department for preliminary review and Conditions of Approval and will also issue grading permits and encroachment permits for associated improvements.

All grading and encroachment permits are submitted, reviewed, and issued through the SmartGov platform available at the link below. Please contact the Engineering Division at (951) 922-3180 or email to if you have any questions.

  1. Encroachment Permits
  2. Grading Permits
  3. Erosion & Sediment Control
  4. Paving

To encroach means to enter and/or use any public right of way in such a manner as to prevent, obstruct, or interfere, temporarily or permanently, with normal use of that right of way.

All encroachments within the City/public right of way shall be conducted in compliance with the City of Banning Municipal Code and City of Banning Grading Manual, all applicable ordinances, standards, notes, policies and procedure

Utility agencies that have Franchise Agreements with the City must also adhere to the provisions of said agreements.

Prior to the commencement of any construction work within the Public Right of Way, the permittee shall obtain an encroachment permit from the Public Works Department. Encroachment permits are issued through the City’s SmartGov online permitting system. All permit applications must be though the online portal. Any Traffic Control should be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer prior to permit issuance.

Work Requiring Encroachment Permits

Construction or non-construction related work within public right of way may require an encroachment permit. Typical major construction improvements that require an encroachment permit include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Public Improvements (Street, Storm Drain, Sewer, Water, Other Utility)
  • Traffic (Traffic Control, Striping, Signal Upgrades)
  • Electric Transmission

Typical minor construction related improvements that require an encroachment permit include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Driveway approaches
  • Sidewalk installation or repair
  • Minor drainage improvement and parkway drains
  • Utility Work
  • Underground Service Alerts
  • Street Closures
  • Excavations

Non-Construction related activities that require an encroachment permit include:

  • Access to utility agency facilities
  • Film permits
  • Special events (street festivals, sidewalk sales, community sponsored events)
  • Street closures

Oversize Vehicles 
Oversize vehicles as defined in California Vehicle Code require a permit while traversing City of Banning streets. All oversize loads require a point of origin within the City and a point of departure from the City. These points may include ramps from Interstate 10 and/or intersection from adjoining jurisdictions if a fixed address is not applicable.

Private Development 
Please note that encroachment permits are NOT issued for work performed within private developments. This type of work would generally be permitted by a GRADING PERMIT or separate building permits.

The Public Works Department will inspect all work to ensure compliance with City of Banning municipal code, grading manual, City ordinances, standards, notes, policies, and procedures.

  1. Administration
  2. Assistance to the Public
  3. Inspections
  4. Forms & Documents

The Engineering Division is responsible to administer the land development program, including:

  • Administration and adherence to the City and engineering codes, ordinances, policies, and procedures.
  • National Polluant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for construction activities
  • The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) permit, ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal mandates
  • Potable Water, Non-Potable Water, and Sanitary Sewer system reviews, ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal mandates
  • Solid Waste collection services and compliance with local, state, and federal mandates
  • Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) compliance and coordination with local agencies for properties subject to ALUS review
  1. Per-Application/Approval
  2. Plan Checking
  3. Securites


The Community Development Department is the lead department for the Pre-Application process. During this process, applicants will receive a comprehensive list of comments from multiple departments, including Engineering. The purpose of this list is to provide applicants with sufficient information to determine the viability of a project for them, while adhering to City and engineering standards, codes, ordinances, policies, and procedures. 

Conditions of Approval:

The Community Development Department is the lead department for the entitlement process for land development cases. The Engineering Division will provide applicants with a complete and comprehensive list of Conditions of Approval (COA) for each project. The COAs are categorized by relevant division (Mapping, Grading, Stormwater, Streets and Traffic, Landscape, Potable Water, Non-Potable Water, Sewer, Refuse, Airport) with milestone requires such as:

  • Prior to the Issuance of a Grading Permit
  • Prior to the Map Recordation
  • Prior to the Issuance of an Encroachment Permit
  • Prior to the Issuance of a Building Permit
  • Prior to the Issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy 

Typical COAs may require the preparation, submission, review, and approval of the following items:

  • Improvement Plans
  • Technical Reports
  • Legal Documents
  • Access Agreements
  • Title Reports
  • Fees
  • Permits