What vehicles fall under the AVA Program?
Generally, vehicles which fall under the following classification are considered abandoned vehicles:
Public Nuisance Vehicle. Any vehicle that is abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, or any inoperative part thereof; that is on public or private property, not including highways; and creates a condition tending to reduce the value of private property, promotes blight and deterioration, invites plundering, creates fire hazards, constitutes an attractive nuisance endangering the health and safety of minors, harbors rodents and insects, or jeopardizes health, safety and general welfare is a public nuisance.

Abandoned Vehicle. A vehicle is considered to be "abandoned" if it is unaccompanied on a highway, public property, or private property in an inoperable or neglected condition that the owner's intention to relinquish all further rights or interests in it may be reasonably concluded.

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