What is needed to sign up for Utility Service?

New Applications accepted Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM ONLY.  For same day service initiation customers must sign up no later than 1:00pm. 1. Completed application with all required information provided including State or Federal valid identification, Social Security Number, Date of Birth of all applicants. 2. Proof of ownership or authorization of tenancy. Please note – all names listed on these documents are required to be on the Utility Bill – all applicants are equally liable for all charges and fees. a. Closing Escrow Statement b. Signed Rental/Lease Agreement must state what utilities tenant is responsible for paying ie: water, electric, trash, sewer.  c.  Property Management Agreement.  3. Persons, firms and corporations conducting business within the service area of the City of Banning must have a current business license in order to establish service. 4. All New Service Establishment Fees MUST be paid at time of application submittal. 5. Deposits – based on credit history with City of Banning – MUST be paid at time of application submittal. Deposits are based on credit worthiness and range from one (1) to three (3) times the average monthly bill. Waiver of Deposits will be considered if a Letter of Credit from previous utility is provided stating the account had no more than one (1) late payment within the previous twelve (12) months or if you have had service in the City of Banning in the most previous twelve (12) months with no more than one (1) late payment and no non-honored payments. 6. Any other reasonable information the City of Banning may require to establish utility service. If all requirements are met, services can be established the next business day. Applicant Data Requirements City Ordinance 2012-61 Adopted by City Council July 24, 2012.

Note:  Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the utility signup process.  

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1. What is needed to sign up for Utility Service?
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