Electric Vehicles (EV)

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Clean Fuel Reward Program - BEU participates in the Clean Fuel Reward Program, which offers a point-of-sale rebate of up to $1500 on the purchase of an eligible Battery Electric (BEV) or Plug-in-hybrid (PHEV)

Mini Charging Plaza
EV charging stationBanning has a new mini charging plaza in the new parking lot located on the corner of Williams and San Gorgonio (north of Super Subs). There are DCFS and level 2 chargers located in this parking lot, which provide charging capabilities to those visiting City Hall and the downtown area.

There are also EV chargers in the Farms’ House parking lot located on Joshua Palmer, which parallels the 10 FWY. This is a convenient place to charge at the Highland Springs offramp at the 10 FWY while stopping for a bite to eat or visiting the local shopping centers.

farmhouse charger

For those visiting our local Mc Donalds on 2140 W Ramsey St, you can charge your EV while enjoying a Big Mac or McFlurry on a hot summer day. This fast charger is located in the southern end of the parking lot west of the restaurant.

mcdonalsd charger